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How To Hear From God

We are told in the mysteries of the Bible that the creator did not leave man, his creation, without his voice. Isaiah 30:21 teaches us that on the path of life we ought to hear a voice behind us showing us which path to take, or which choice or make.

Many times we are confused in life because we lack clarity. But the voice of God is behind our mind or the "man in us" ready to guide it into clarity of choice and precision of decision to ease his journey here on earth.

During our Sunday Spiritual Gathering, we taught the audience about the presence of the mouth of God in man called "The Nous" which most people are not familiar with. When our negative personalities formed out of life traumatic event over the nous, it becomes hard to hear from God.

Jesus taught us in Matthew 4: 4 that man made of body and soul shall not just feed his body with physical foods, but must also feed his soul with insights, spiritual foods, coming from the mouth of God or the nous in him.


Make sure you join our mailing list to receive an update when the audio production of this teaching will be published in our studio. During that audio teaching you will learn how to uncover the nous by removing the negative thoughts and energies of painful personalities around it. And we will also teach you how to train your mind and soul to hear from the nous starting with obeying the voice of your conscience which is the upper lip of the nous and the voice of your intuition being the second lip of the nous.

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