How To Use Energy Money Or Vibrational Currency

To understand things from the spiritual realm we must first conceive of their essence in their unseen nature or in their energy aspect.

Money has been understood by many in the physical realm. Yet, money in the spiritual realm is what we spend the most. This is what we want to share with you.

Due to our lack of the understanding of what the spiritual nature of money represents, we happen to create financial lack and financial limitations in our lives.

The bible is a spiritual book and must be viewed and understood mostly symbolically. We are told in Isaiah 55 verse 1 that those who have no [physical] money can come and buy.

How do we buy with no physical money?

The truth is you have never truly purchased anything with physical money. And hear this: You have never purchased a physical item either.

If what you are purchasing is energy, how can you then purchase what is invisible with what is visible?

The physical form of what you buy carries the essence of what you truly buy. What you truly buy is energy, a feeling, a vibration. That's the essence. That's what you consume.

What you purchase is what you experience. And what you experience takes place within.

Most items you buy you can't consume through your mouth. Yet, you consume them. How?

You consume them energetically through your feelings. You are called a consumer because you do consume. Yet, you consume more as energy than matter.

The true nature of things is a feeling or energy. And very soon the whole world will come to know this, and know it for real.

The feeling of a thing is the thing itself.

Read that last above statement again. Please do. That statement is the fundamental source of the spiritual understanding of things.

For example, if you have a twenty dollar bill, you may think your real money is the physical bill with the numeric symbol twenty on it. No. That's not the real money you possess. You are a spirit and cannot own matter.

Spirit is energy and energy can only own energy.

Where is the real twenty dollar bill? Well, it is the way you feel about the twenty dollar bill. That feeling is the energy money or the true vibrational currency you possess.

Money is energy. Financial anxiety is a toxic energy money.

You are a spirit and can only own energy.

The spirit of the physical money is the energy it produces in you; and that energy is a feeling.

The feeling of a thing is the thing itself.

The marketplace is also energy. It is all vibrational. You are not buying from a physical store or at a physical restaurant though it appears that way.

When you spend that energy money of twenty dollars it flows out of your body as a vibration and enter into the cosmic field, the space around you, the energy field is also known as ether. That's the market place. That's where you release your energy money. And what you release comes back to you in the same nature it has been released.

You and your friend can each be holding a physical twenty dollar bill in your hand and not hold the same amount of energy money in your heart.

Let's say you are feeling like you don't have enough money while holding the twenty dollar bill in your hand.

Let's say your friend is feeling like he or she has a lot of money holding the same amount of money in hand, twenty dollars.

Do you think you have the same money? No.

In appearance, you both have twenty dollars. But in spirit your friend has more money than you. The energy of her or his money is focused on having or abundance. The energy of your money is focusing on not having or lack.

You don't have the same money.

In the symbolic meaning of scriptures, Jesus put it this way: "whoever has [in feeling], more will be given. Whoever does not have [in feeling], even the least he or she has [in physical form] will be taken away." You can read this in Mathew 13: 12.

By releasing "I don't have" into the cosmic marketplace, you will reap situations that will take away from you even the least you have in physical form. This is Law.

By releasing "I have a lot" into the cosmic marketplace, you will reap situations that will give you more of what you have released. This is Law.

The feeling of a thing is the thing itself.

For example, the fear of spending money limits one's ability to have true abundance. The fear of spending is the source of hoarding and anticipation of evil days or raining days to come.

The joy of spending brings more to spend. The joy is the actual money. And since money is energy it seeks to move toward the field that energizes it through positive feeling.

What you are spending is energy. Where you are spending is the cosmic field all around you. It is also energy. What you are buying is also a feeling; which is energy.

Everything is energy. The world is now seeing it. But they will come to know it and believe it. They will come to experience it. Then their faith will come into full manifestation.

Your feeling about money is your vibrational currency. Your feeling about money is your energy money. Your real bank is your heart; for "where your heart is there you will have your treasure" Jesus Christ.

To have abundance of money one must first clear out toxic and panicking energies around the subject of money. Many people we have helped purify their energy money have become healthier and more enthusiastic about life.

The fear and the anxiety around money make most people sick. Energy is frequency and frequency is radiation.

When your body cells are drenched into a pool of toxic energy about money, you can end up with digestive issues, back pains, heart attack, and stroke.

Energy is real and powerful. Rise above the energy or the spirit of money so money can stop being your master.

The feeling that rules the mind is the master of the mind. And what rules the mind rules the man.

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