Prayer Card: Allow

Your soul picked the reading of this prayer card because part of you needed to allow. Sometimes we don't wait for our blessings to fully blossom like the rose on the card before we pluck them out.

A premature blessing cannot be enjoyed. It brings many torments.

It is the work of the universe to manufacture your desires as blessings for you and deliver them to you in the most safest and peaceful way.

The lady on the card represents the universe which is a body of laws that God has set in place to deliver your desires to you fully bloomed.

To let your desire bloom is to allow it to come into its full beauty. This card is also a reminder that our impatience causes the creation process to freeze or to come with a lot of struggle. Why? Because the universe which is the energy of the cosmos that is all around us mirrors the nature of the vibration we put out.

Impatience is a violent energy. It is like forcing the hand of nature and the universe to deliver something to you before the right time.

Today you are invited to find that "something" you have been impatient about. And surrender to the process of it coming into a full blooming manifestation and be handed to you by the universe in the most elegant and satisfying way.

The scripture below will help you access that state of allowing as you meditate on it today and carry it in your awareness during the day. Use this meditation to apply the message you have received from this prayer card.

Inspired By Proverbs 10:22



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Alain & Danielle Dagba 

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