Prayer Card: Breathe

You intuitively picked this card because it spoke to you. There is something about it that provoked an urge in you to pick it. That is the part of the beautiful mystery that governs our existence. It does not need to be explained. It simply needs to be trusted and followed.

The man on the card is taking a moment out of his day to breathe. Not just to breathe. But to inhale knowledge into his breathing; which is symbolized by the book in his hands.

Picking this card could be an indication for you to take a moment out of your day today to read something of a deep and profound meaning, and let it sink into your awareness in a personal time of contemplation.

When we make a conscious choice to breathe and to make contact with God through a revelation or a divine idea, we move into a place of serenity and total surrender. Then the magic begins. It first feels like freedom, a weight lifted from our shoulder.

Then it feels like contentment. The state of amen. A state of awareness in which we feel like the problem is solved or everything is going to be all right. This magical feeling is also known as the state of flow; a place of no internal resistance.

Take action now to carve out or to schedule this moment on your calendar or in your agenda for the day. And be conscious about it. Let nothing come between you and your decision to experience this connection with God through your own breath. Below, you will find a beautiful scripture you can take with you into your breathing contemplation.

Inspired By Job 32: 8


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Alain & Danielle Dagba 

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