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Prayer Card: Energy

This card is a great reminder that everything requires energy to become mobilized or demobilized. And between the quantity of the energy that I need and the quality of the energy that I need for the activities of this day, I must first choose and decide on the quality; for the quality determines the outcome of the day--always.

Disappointment, for example, is a demobilizing energy as well as discouragement, self-judgment, doubt, laziness, and fear. These energies are created when I am process-focus and see myself incapable, not good enough, or inadequate because of the mistakes I make or the expectations I did not meet.

But today, I am mindful of the truth that I can choose a different quality of energy to become mobilized and create positive outcomes. I can become outcome-focus by holding in mind the picture of what it will be like when I start to do better, what it will be like when I reach my goal, what life will look like when I can finally perform to my taste, and how awesome it will feel to positively impact others with my dream and experiences.

As I dwell on these pictures of the outcome that I want with details and writing them down, I generate a different quality of energy such as love, joy, peace of mind, courage, and trust. These energies are of a divine quality called faith; faith to keep moving forward and stay mobilized till I see the results I am so passionate about.


Inspired By Hebrews 11: 1