Prayer Card: Giving

The lady on this prayer card looks like she is giving up. There are two ways of giving: Giving Up or Giving Down. You have picked an excellent prayer card.

We define prayer as the awareness of what is in harmony with Love or God. Such an awareness creates an awakening of God or enthusiasm in your body and aligns you with the heaven frequency.

When you are aware of what is in harmony with love or God, you are in prayer, in a deep communion with the eternal spirit of truth.

Only those who have been trying to rise to a next level can speak of giving up. Is there something you have been trying to accomplish or a goal you have been trying to reach?

This is what you may not know: Trying to rise is rising above the average population. Not everyone is seeking to rise into something or someone better, and greater.

Average loves routine and lazy tranquility.

Trying to rise to a next level also means trying to rise out of the sticky and heavy vibrations of the average masses. That can mean coming against some resistances.

When you feel like giving up, that's the time you must choose to give down. To give down is to reach out to the vibration of the average and pour the luminous energy of your love into them to delude the resistance.

In fact the resistance is not coming from ahead of you. It is actually coming from beneath you--from what you are trying to rise yourself out of.

One of the ways to give down is to do intentional acts such as encouraging someone, empowering a group of people, helping those who are in need. This should be done for a short period of time but with heart and intention to remove blockages.

You can't help it but to notice that it is when you are facing obstacles to rise to your goal that people with needs will show up in your life the most. This phenomenon is coming from the forces of the universe offering you an opportunity to delude the resistance from below, so that their heavy and sticky vibration may become loosed allow your feet (understanding) to move upward toward your goal with new insights or revelations.

You feel like giving up? Please, look down and start giving down to create a cosmic balance. This is a pendulum swing wisdom.

The pendulum must swing from the center and describe the same distance from the center to the right to be equal to the distance from the center to the left when it swings.

You are the pendulum. The resistances come from you swinging too far on one side which manifests as obstacles standing your way.

When you create equilibrium between where you are trying to be and where you are trying not to be, you generate a balance that removes all resistances and obstacles out of your way.

Inspired By Psalm 62: 9



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