Prayer Card: Jump

It is hard to know why the man in this prayer card is jumping. Jumping over obstacles could make sense.

But sometimes jumping without obstacles is the actual obstacle we have to overcome.

When we are our biggest obstacles, we love to jump over ourselves to find faults in many outside elements.

We jump over ourselves to blame our past.

We jump over ourselves to blame others.

We jump over ourselves to blame the weather.

We jump over ourselves to blame the government.

We jump over ourselves to blame God.

We jump over ourselves to blame our lack of resources.

We keep jumping over ourselves to arrive somewhere we never reach. Because while we seriously believe we are jumping, we actually are dragging ourselves through life.

What appears as jumping is not jumping at all. It won't be long before the stairs of life take us back down again; for the single reason to start seeing ourselves.

Behind this jumping man there is a white background. Which means he has no clear vision of himself in the background of his life to keep him grounded.

We stop jumping over ourselves when we make it an obsession to see the greater version of ourselves emerge.

Knowing that we are the only source of the changes that will take place in ourselves positions us to become powerful.

This inner power that comes from the awareness that we are the one to heal our lives and create it as beautiful as we want makes us prioritize our personal awakening above all other things.

The one who seeks to awaken the SELF cannot jump over the SELF. For wherever he jumps to will become the bottom of the stairs he refuses to climb.

This is a prayer card that is asking you to reorganize your energy into the right direction by having a clear vision of who you would like to become in order to keep yourself grounded.

Work on this emerging SELF with focus, clarity, dedication, and intention. Be clear about it. Start today. Begin by asking the indwelling presence of Love to guide you.

Make time to wake up early to pray. Each time you pray, work on awakening yourself as love for at least five minutes. This is your meditation. It will make a huge difference in your life.

See yourself in different scenarios showing love to yourself in others using your imagination. Be creative. God loves that.

Once you begin to enjoy this daily awakening meditation of self love contemplation, here is the question you will begin to ask yourself, "Why should anyone jump over this precious gift of loving oneself through what one has brought on earth to share?

Use the scripture below to assist you.

Inspired By Mark 1: 35



One Happy Life Ministry


Alain & Danielle Dagba 

Independent Ministers 

Teaching Ministry