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Prayer Card: Power

In this moment, I remember the meaning of power. Power is this force of energy that affects another energy or force to condition its behavior or trajectory.

I understand that power is generated through focused energy. Today, I remember the time that I focused on a positive event, and the memory of this positive event generated a feeling of joy in me. This feeling of joy is the power that propelled me into great accomplishments and move the trajectory of my life into an unforgettable serendipity.

Today, I remember a time that I was positively focusing on someone, and then watch this focus creates a positive energy or feeling within me--a power, which became a vibration that telepathically caused the person to call me.

Today, I remember the time that I focused on a particular car, and then generated a hypnotic unconscious feeling [a power], inside me that turns moves my gaze each time to see this car everywhere as though I was in a sort of conspiracy with the forces and laws of the universe.

In this moment, I recognize my ability to create

power or the feeling of what I want by

focusing on the thought that will create it.

I focus on God in me, God all around me, and God everywhere, then I generate from that focus a feeling or a power or an energy of being super-natural, and this power increases my immune system, sharpens my intuition, and leads me into the right choices and decisions for massive breakthroughs. In the nature or name of Christ in me I speak this prayer.


Inspired By Ephesians 3:20