Prayer Card: Remove

The beauty of sculpting resides in the truth that the final picture or image of the art is never created by what is added.

The beauty of sculpting resides in the truth that the final image of the art is always created by what is removed.

The sculptor works on a piece of wood or marble with an image in mind. Only him knows this image. It is his secret image.

Those who often watch a sculptor work on a piece in a public place are often wrong at guessing the final image.

In the beginning the observers can take a quick guess. They often are wrong. Because the art is not being created by them.

The image was already trapped inside the wood until the sculptor helps it escape for others to see.

What is been removed is making the image appear. The creator of the art holds the secret of the image to appear in the end.

Are you chipping off the unnecessary things that are holding your true image hostage? Stopping it to appear?

You are a true sculptor of the SELF. Nothing is to be added. You are the image of God. God is trapped inside your body.

Today you are invited to remove. To let go. To drop. To release. What? Everything that you believe you need to be better.

Accept your perfection. Your perfect SELF is hiding behind all the "I should be" you are burdening yourself with.

Chipping off these self-imposed obligations to need something to be added to you will allow your true beauty to appear.

Then those who once thought they knew what your last outcome will look like will come to be amazed.

Sculpt yourself to be a surprise.

Use the powerful scripture below to begin the sculpting process today. What you let go of, also lets go of you.

In a single deep breath you can chip off so many things by raising in yourself the awareness of "I don't need this..." to be who I already am: HAPPINESS.

Inspired By 1 John 3: 2



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Alain & Danielle Dagba 

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