Prayer Card: Sight

We define prayer as the awareness of what is in harmony with Love or God.

Such an awareness creates an awakening of God or enthusiasm in your body and aligns you with the heaven frequency.

There is a reason why you picked this card. Or we should rather say there is a reason why this card picked you. It depends on how you choose to see it.

We don't see with our eyes. We observe and notice with our eyes, but what really sees is the mind.

The sight of the mind is called perception.

And the most expensive thing on the planet that is above all fortunes is having the right perspective on any matter.

Your perspective is the lens through which you express your mental vision which is your true sight or perception.

A simple shift in perspective can cause a complete shift in action, expectation, reaction, and decision.

But your perspective is shaped by your subconscious beliefs.

So, when a situation happens, not everyone is able to see it through a fresh and new perspective.

Through this card you are called to see things and judge things from a fresh new revelation point.

Most people see or perceive through the past which makes up most of their beliefs.

This means their sight is truly a mental projection of the past through the mind.

That's why people can see different things in a single art and hear different things in the same music.

The art is not changing but their perception is changing the art through the lens of their beliefs.

True sight creates the feeling of peace and love in the heart. Seeing anything beside these two feelings is the true definition of [mental] blindness which also means hallucination or assumption: Seeing things that are fabricated by the mind to disconnect you from the one reality: Love.

Today, you are asked to revisit all the situations, and events that are taking away your feeling of peace and love and ask yourself: Is there another way to look at this that feels better and feels more connected to peace and love?

This is what you may not know: Seeing is not a default action. It's a choice. Now you know. It is your right to choose what you want to see; and it is not a lie. Nothing that produces peace and love can come from lie. You are telling the truth in advance to conquer the lie in appearance.

Use the scripture below to assist you. Inspired By John 7: 24 SHARE THIS PRAYER CARD WITH OTHERS

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