Prayer Card: Unique

The dog in this prayer card looks sad and lonely. He can't see all the beautiful arts around him. He forgot his uniqueness.

In the midst of all these arts he is lost. Lost in waiting for his long gone master to come and rescue him.

He is now a stray dog without a home. Yet, the entire creation is his home. He is free to go anywhere he wants. Yet, he is sad.

Picking this prayer card is a reminder that the cosmos around you is a museum of arts. Yet, you could still feel lonely and sad sometimes.

The things you have allowed to master you make you feel like a stray dog; and subconsciously you feel homeless in your body.

Home is anywhere inside you that feels like peace.

You can't feel at home or at peace until those things you have allowed to master you come and find you.

Because you believe they will take you back home to peace. But there is no one coming for you. The art has changed.

This delusional space we find ourselves waiting for something to happen makes you forget how unique you are.

It is your uniqueness that is your presence

It is your uniqueness or your presence that gives a touch of grace to the whole art to bring everything to life.

This dog is surrounded by art yet he is also part of the art. But he is unable to see that until he sees how unique he is.

Your uniqueness is the energy you believe you have come here on earth to deliver and serve on the planet.

This energy is the feeling you awake in people when you speak or interact with them in any shape or form.

As you become more precise about this energy or feeling and channel it intentionally to others, your uniqueness returns.

Once the dog sees his uniqueness, he will become part of the art. And everything that appears inanimate in the art will become alive.

The art represents the memory of his good life now frozen in time, not animated.

His master's hand in the art once painted for him a colorful life. Now, he is invited to see life from a different place.

What happened to all the beauties you use to see in creation when you were just a child? Are they now frozen in time?

Your master's hand that was once showing you miracles in the stars and wonders in flowers as a child, is it now frozen?

Everything in the cosmos is waiting for you to see your uniqueness to become animated.

You are now called to see life differently. There is nothing to wait for. You have simply forgotten how unique you are.

Today, take a moment to feel and connect to the energy you believe you have come here on earth to deliver.

Design at least three intentional ways you will make the world around you feel that energy today. Then go ahead and make it happen.

Let the scripture below inspire you.

Inspired By Psalm 71: 7



One Happy Life Ministry


Alain & Danielle Dagba 

Independent Ministers 

Teaching Ministry