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Prayer Card: Vision

Updated: Mar 16

Today, I trust the God within me for the unfolding of the perfect vision of my life. I can see. I can imagine. I can visualize. I can grasp the details of my destination with grace. This perfect vision of the energy or the vibration I have come to serve is pulling me toward a greater version of me.

Today, I am walking with a higher awareness of the

energy I came to give, and I attract people,

events, and circumstances to match it.

My environment reflects this clarity of vision as nothing within my subconscious is left undone or unresolved to take away my awareness. God within me sees beyond all forms and leads me through the dream state in which I now receive the fruit of my vision.

From this deep feeling within me which is the fragrance or the aroma of this prayer, I am now becoming the

living faith substance of this vision that

I fully embody in the nature of Christ.


Inspired By Mark 11: 24