Prophecy 4

Through the eyes of the Holy Spirit, we saw something that looked like power outage. All the streets of different parts of the world were dark. White mini buses were parked in front of different houses. They were installing new devices in people's home to supply the homes with electricity. But the device seems to also answer questions and communicate with a place the named "headquarters" in the screen of this device. It also clearly appears that all our social information, medical history, and public information are in that device. We also saw that when there is an issue, especially a medical issue, there will be no need to call an ambulance. You can press a button on that device and a group of "people" dressed in white will show up in the house to solve any problem you may have and type the report immediately inside the device assigned to your home and your family.

PS: "Be aware that prophecies are the future results of the combination of our collective thoughts, feelings, and actions on the planet; and these are subject to change. If you read any of the prophecies on this page, be aware that we do not approve or disapprove of any of them. We are simply stating what we saw in Spirit coming into the world. Therefore, use your own judgment and intuitive lead to read these prophecies. However, we must all pray, change our thoughts, our feelings, and actions on the planet in order to reserve the negative prophecies we are planting in the future at all cost." -ALAIN & DANIELLE


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