Prophecy 5

Through the eyes of the Holy Spirit, we saw a disturbing sight of humans virtually having multiple sexual experiences in a virtual world. The concept of marriage was no more. There came a huge isolation on planet earth. Humans have no more need to work and thrive for excellence and self-worth. Their body's natural hormonal impulses have been altered and they depend on machines to live. They are completely disconnected from their body's biological experiences. Consumption of food resources has been decreased because the human appetite has been reduced also to a robotic system of digestion.

PS: "Be aware that prophecies are the future results of the combination of our collective thoughts, feelings, and actions on the planet; and these are subject to change. If you read any of the prophecies on this page, be aware that we do not approve or disapprove of any of them. We are simply stating what we saw in Spirit coming into the world. Therefore, use your own judgment and intuitive lead to read these prophecies. However, we must all pray, change our thoughts, our feelings, and actions on the planet in order to reserve the negative prophecies we are planting in the future at all cost." -ALAIN & DANIELLE


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