Prophecy 1

Updated: Jul 9

Have you seen time speeding lately? The days are going down very fast. The months are ending quickly.

The years are rotating with an extreme velocity. Of course you have noticed this phenomenon unless you are psychologically blind. You have noticed the speed of time.

But what you may not have realized is that the harvest of the energy-seeds you have planted is also getting closer for you to reap faster than usual.

Some people call this harvest of the energy-seeds "karma" which means "come back". It could be "good karma" or "bad karma". "Good come back" is blessing. "Bad come back" is curse.

Either way, as time is moving faster, the "come back" of your energy-seeds is returning faster as well. Pay attention to what is happening in your life. 

If the toxic foods, toxic feelings, and toxic thoughts you have been planting in your body were meant to get you sick three years from now, the sickness may actually manifest in your body two years faster. Are you getting it?

If the positive thoughts, loving energies, and wonderful actions you had towards yourself and others was meant to deliver you a huge blessing seven years from now, the breakthrough may actually happen this year.

Every energy-seeds has its own harvest time written in it just like all the seeds on the planet. Yet, time is contracting and the harvest is now happening faster. The human consciousness is becoming more fluid and less matter.

Are you paying attention? Are you paying attention to what we are telling you? You are not reading this randomly. This message is speaking to you about you. There is something you need to do with this message. There are some changes you need to make.

The future is moving closer to the present and the present is also pulling-in the past. At the same fast speed. Some of you suddenly will feel like the past you thought you have let go of has returned to torment your mind out of nowhere.

The whole planet is going through that right now. As if history is becoming a new story. Some of you will start reconnecting with old friends you have lost contact with. The past is running into the present with speed while the present is running into the future with speed.

Time as past, present, and future is contracting itself at its center pulled by gravity from its core. We need to pay attention and do what is necessary before this cycle of time velocity ends. It's going to end. But not anytime soon.

Some of you are finding it easier to recollect some positive events that happened in the past. There is a reason for that. Loved one who have passed are now showing up in your dreams. There is a reason for that. 

Some of you are getting more tired than usual. Most of you are hearing your body rejecting some foods and asking for a change in diet. The cosmos is communicating with your body and forcing your psychic energies to go to rest in order to adjust your physical body to the change.

Some of you will feel more bored and sometimes totally out of place as if there is nothing to do. You will become restless. You will try to fill that void with other things but it will feel like it is not going away. 

Have you asked yourself any questions at all about this phenomenon of time speeding? Or you are just going about life and letting life happen to you?

When we are having such mystical experiences on the planet, we should pause and think. The time in our watches is not changing, yet time is moving fast. That should make us think.

It's because of this time-speed-phenomenon that we have been talking to most of you about your purpose, your calling, your gifts, and your earthly assignment. Are you paying attention? Are you using your time wisely? Do you have spiritual routines? Are you taking your awakening seriously?

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Received And Shared By Alain & Danielle


One Happy Life Ministry


Alain & Danielle Dagba 

Independent Ministers 

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