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The Seven Tongues Of Man

We are told in the mysteries of the Bible that man's words are powerful, that with his word he can create, destroy, build, heal, and manifest. We are even told that he can be condemned by his words.

In John 22: 28 man is told that he shall decree a thing and it shall come to pass and whatsoever he will decree can bring or shed light or clarity upon his path. Throughout our spiritual experiences and journey, we have discovered that man has seven tongues.

Man speaks through seven tongues. The first tongue of man is his imagination. The second tongue of man is his vocal thoughts. The third tongue of man is his perception. The fourth tongue of man is his spoken words. The fifth tongue of man is his vibe or vibration. The sixth tongue of man is his actions. The seventh tongue of man is his sight, gaze, or perception.

We have learned during our Sunday Spiritual Gathering how we unconsciously use those seven tongues to attract and create troubles in our lives. In Proverbs 18: 7, we are told that a fool destroys his own life by his tongue and snares his soul by what he says.


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