This Coming Sunday: 04/12/2020



During this year 2020 we will be focusing our Sundays messages and meditations on 4 different topics:

January | February | March

Perfect Vision

April | May | June


July | August | September

Spiritual Guidance

October | November | December


Yet, during each service we make sure we do a recap of the previous lessons so that the new people in the audience won't feel lost or left out.

Our gathering is often a moment of inner connection, embrace, meditation, spiritual understanding, short workshops, and testimonials.

The Months of January, February, and March were about having a PERFECT VISION for your life.

During those months we defined purpose as the energy or the vibration you have come to deliver on earth rather than a specific thing you must do.

We are told in scriptures that the plans of the indwelling Divine are plans of prosperity, plans to give hope, and plans to give a future. And it is added that the plans have nothing harmful in them. (Read Jeremiah 11: 29).

As a result, we have used the Steps To Create Your Life Dream Journal to determine with precision what our individual as well as collective assignments on earth were about in order to get in touch with the beautiful plans of the Divine from within.

The months of April, May, and June are about CLARITY. Clarity is a decision that appears clear to us after evaluating multiple choices through visualization and intuitive guidance.

This coming Sunday, April 12, 2020, we will be speaking about having clarity about who you are as humans. This is one of the greatest "clarities" that makes all other "clarities" clearer.

We use clarity in plural because there are multiple natures of clarity. Once we are done with the clarity of the self, we will move onto clarity about:

  • The type of health we want to have

  • The type of relationships we want to have

  • The type of finances we want to have

  • The type of lifestyle we want to have.

We are looking forward to having you this coming Sunday.


Alain and Danielle


One Happy Life Ministry


Alain & Danielle Dagba 

Independent Ministers 

Teaching Ministry