This Sunday: Father & Child Healing

Have you suffered from the absence of a father growing up? Have you been dealing with the toxic after effect of being neglected by a father? Do you feel like the lack of Father Power in your life has gotten you stuck somewhere in your soul you don't even know?

Do you feel a void in your heart due to a lack of an emotional connection with a Father? Have you been verbally, sexually, and physically abused by a Father? Have you had a toxic example of a Father or a Father figure in your life which seems to create some sort of repetitive cycle in your own behaviors?Have you lost a Father or a Father figure and have not been healed from your loss? 

This Sunday, we will reveal to you how the above events can cause the crippling of your psychic male powers which can result with you not moving forwards in life and not being grounded in your identity. You will also begin to treat yourself with more grace by understanding how the above events could affect your relationships with others--especially men. 

This Sunday, you will also understand how the imbalance between the male energy and the female energy in your soul can cause self-resentment, the feeling of inadequacy, and the incapacity to believe in yourself. 

This Sunday, we will dive deep into healing those psychic male powers that have been handicapped by the about events or not activated due to the absence of a Father, so you can truly forgive and move forwards in life. You will also find the clarity to better understand yourself, forgive yourself, and raise your consciousness above the suffering. 

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