This Sunday: Father & Child Healing Service (Part 2)

Updated: Jul 4

Last Sunday we have discussed in details the negative impacts the absence of a father or a father figure, and the bad example of a father or a father figure have on our psyche.

We were able to identify how we all have male and female psychic powers which when activated, and properly expressed through having parents with healthy and loving relationships between themselves and toward us often leads to a happy and a successful life.

We also learned about the male powers we have in our psyche, and how when they are not activated or they are infected, we can struggle in life to be happy and successful.

This Sunday, we will learn how to heal our male powers in our psyche. This is going to serve a lot of people combine the Mother and Child Healing with the Father and Child Healing for maximum results.

If you have never had a father, you can still activate your male powers in your psyche. We will show you how. You deserve to live a great life.

If you have had a toxic example of a father or father figure, if you have had a father or father figure who abused you, or you have lost a father or a father figure, there is hope. Divine Healing comes with revelation, and its power is unlimited. And you will get to learn that this Sunday.

We are looking forwards to seeing you on the screen.

Much Love,

Alain & Danielle

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