This Sunday: Healing Father & Child Wounds

This Sunday, we are going to dive into some serious spiritual and esoteric wisdom concerning the official healing of the Father & Child Wounds.

During our previous services we revealed to our audience the difference between our psychic male powers and our psychic female powers; and how the absence of a father in a home affects one's male psychic powers.

Last Sunday, we explored the karmic influence behind our birth and how pains and sufferings could be viewed in the light of divine justice and serve as healing tools through the perspective of God's Media instead of the superficial human view of things.

This Sunday, we are going to finish this topic by revealing to you the clear steps to perform the prayer healing ritual to free yourself from the toxic energies and karmic enticements that have resulted from your relationship with your father or a father figure.

We will explore the 5 questions that lead to the correct and liberating spiritual idea of SACRIFICE and atonement through the vibratory energy of the indwelling Christ called "the blood of Jesus".

We call these 5 questions, the 5 Gates to your next stage of evolution. These 5 gates are the healing portals to the official healing of the toxic energies that have resulted from any pain or suffering you may be dealing with that have resulted from your relationship with your father or a father figure.

We can't wait to dive into this with you on the call.

Much Love,

Alain and Danielle

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