This Sunday: Be Clear About Losing A Dear One

Whether you have already lost a dear one or you haven't yet, this Sunday's topic will be extremely beneficial to you.

You see our dear friends, death is a subject most people avoid talking about; yet it is the inevitable fact we all have to deal with. So, we must become clear about the subject.

When death happens, most people stop living. And this is because we have not been taught about death. We are left in the unknown. And this creates destructive assumptions, regret, and guilt.

Our education system does not talk about it, our religious institutions don't talk about it the way they should. And in families, we avoid bringing the subject about.

So, most people are left in the dark, surprised by death and hurt deeply when it happens--sometimes for the rest of their lives.

During this online service, we will explore the idea of souls being travelers passing through the earth.

We will explain why death happens and take you through the process of mourning properly so that your own life does not have to stop because a dear one has left the earth.

You will also be prepared to transcend the toxic effect of death that cripples so many people in life, so that when it happens you will know what to do.

Your family does not have to be divided because a dear one has left. And that's not what the departed soul would like for you anyway.

You don't have to end your life or make yourself sick because the soul of a dear one has left.

We will teach you how to go through the healing process and find a great way of living an enthusiastic life from the right perspective about death by turning the dear loved one who has passed into a silent teacher of life.

It does not matter who you have lost. How it happened, when it happened, or where it happened. You will be able to let go and allow life to flow through you again.

Are we saying that it is easy? Not at all. But together, with spiritual understanding and the help of the indwelling presence of God, we can heal, move on, and live a good life from a memory that will honor the departed soul.

So, make sure you invite friends and families. You never know who needs this message the most.

To our humble opinion, everyone needs this message to prepare psychologically, emotionally, and physically before it happens.

For those of you who are already dealing with the loss of a loved one, we seriously recommend you read and do the exercises in the BOOK OF COURAGE.

This book will give you the spiritual understanding of death and show you simple exercises to release the energy of pain and suffering you hold in your psyche and body regarding the loss of your loved one.

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We are really looking forwards to loving on you, teaching you, caring for you, and blessing you.

Much Love,

Alain and Danielle

One Happy Life Ministry


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