Most people struggle in this world with all kind of problems. However, our desire should not be to live a problem-free-life. In reality such a lifestyle does not exist and will never exist on this earth. Why? The reason is simply because our goal here on earth to evolve, to grow, to discover ourselves, to improve and to manifest God’s glory. What we call problems are the means through which we thrive and strive to achieve that goal. Problems in themselves are not evil if we understand their purpose. This first volume of the Living Faith School is going to open your eyes on the true reasons why we should not run away from problems and also to equip you to grow through your problems with the right tools for self-improvement, self-development and self-expression through Christ.

How To Solve Problems

    • Identity the nature of your problem 
    • Use your God-Given mind to draft solutions 
    • Learn the steps to Execute actions 
    • Solve the problem 

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